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Zefal Twin Graph Gauge
Easy to use and compatible with Presta and Schrader valves, the Twin graph is an intuitive gauge that allows an efficient measure of your tire's pressure. - Fits Presta/Schrader - Accurate up to 160psi - Shows PSI and bar - Weighs only 37g
TwoFish Twofish Bikeblock Inflator Holder
- Solution for mounting pumps and C02 inflators on frames or seatpost - Soft rubber block and Velcro loops hold pumps tightly
Topeak Presta Valve Extender XL
Topeak's Presta Valve Extender is the perfect solution for getting to those hard-to-reach valve stems. It's precision-machined from aluminum and is designed to fit deep-dish carbon and aluminum rims that have a depth of 60 to 90mm. And, it comes with an O-ring seal to ensure a leak-free fit.
Topeak Shuttle Gauge Digital
Easy-to-read digital gauge can be attached to a pump or used alone and provides accurate pressure readings up to 300psi / 20.7bar. Rotating head works with Presta, Schrader or Dunlop valves on bike / motorcycle / car tires, forks or shocks while the Thumb Lock lever ensures an airtight seal. The air release button allows fine tuning pressure. Specs - PUMP HEAD COMPATIBILITY: Presta / Schrader pumps - TIRE VALVE COMPATIBILITY: Presta / Schrader / Dunlop valves - GAUGE: Digital, 300 psi / 20.7 bar - UNIT: psi, bar, kg / cm2 - BATTERY: CR2032 x 1 (included) - THUMB LOCK: Aluminum - PRESSURE TUNING: Air release button - BODY: Aluminum / Engineering grade polymer - SIZE: 9.2 x 5.8 x 4.3 cm / 3.6” x 2.3” x 1.7” - WEIGHT: 102 g / 3.60 oz Added Features: - Rotatable head / gauge - Auto-off function
Specialized Replacement Hose - Sport/Comp/HP
Will fit Specialized Sport/Comp/HP floor pumps from 2010 - present.
Specialized SWAT Mini CO2 Head
90 Degree twist style mini CO2 head used on SWAT products - Twist design allow CO2 cartridge to be threaded into head and then unthreaded to start CO2 flow. - Flow can be controlled or stopped by threading cartridge back into head. - Includes plastic spacer that allows head to be mounted for storage on cartridge without piercing it.
Prestacycle CO2 Coupler I/M
Prestacycle CO2 Coupler will turn your CO2 head into a Prestaflator! Patent-Pending coupler attaches to your CO2 head, and to your Air Compressor hose quick coupler. Why waste CO2 cartridges if you are home? An air compressor provides a far more sustained air blast for seating tubeless tires. The output of most air compressors can be easily preset for your desired maximum tire pressure. Please Note: CO2 Heads with threaded Schrader ends will accept Prestacycle Inflation heads. We recommend adding our Big head (3314) to your CO2 inflator for heavy duty use and to avoid sealant clogging. - I/M Air Compressor coupler plug - Fits CO2 Heads to use with your Air Compressor - Inflate tires at home without Cartridges - Strong 6061-T6 Alloy - Compatible with all types of CO2 Heads! - Perfect addition to the Prestaflator Micro CO2 Head! - CO2 Head required, not included - Air Compressor required, not included Features: Turn your CO2 Head into a Prestaflator! CO2 Heads deliver high pressure temporary inflation on the bike. What about when you are home? Why waste a Cartridge when you are standing next to your shop Air Compressor? CO2 is temporary, it leaks from bike tires quickly. Get home and use your CO2 head with your Air Compressor to replace the CO2 with real air. Simple operation. Screw your CO2 head onto our adapter. Quick-connect to any I/M Industrial Mechanical Air compressor quick coupler (like the ones we sell), and use your CO2 head the same way as if a cartridge was connected. The only difference is much MORE inflation before you run out! Save the world Save the world, one cartridge at a time. Using your compressor saves a cartridge. Specifications: - I/M Air Compressor coupler plug - Fits CO2 Heads to use with your Air Compressor - Inflate tires at home without Cartridges - Strong 6061-T6 Alloy - CO2 Head required, not included - Air Compressor required, not included
Prestacycle Disc Wheel Mini Presta Head
Smaller Head fits every known Disc wheel made. Includes Prestacycle's newest version of the Mini Presta Head Gasket uses Urethane Elastomer. It’s softer and stronger. It lasts more than 5 times longer, gives a better seal and flexes to work anywhere along the Presta shaft for better tubeless tire application.
Park Tool Emergency Tire Boot
There’s no easier or more effective way to patch a cut tire on the road or trail than carrying and using Park Emergency Tire Boots (3 per package). These thin, extra-tough patches peel and stick to the insides of tires to repair cuts and contain the tube until you can replace the tire.
Genuine Innovations Side of Bacon
Lightweight plugs for tubeless tire punctures. When paired with Genuine Innovations' Tubeless Tackle Kit (#G20439) or Tubeless Repair Kit (#G2650), you can plug pesky punctures in seconds and cycle confident for many rides to come.
Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle Kit
One tubeless bicycle tire tool to rule them all. Compact and versatile, this is the ultimate tubeless tire repair tool. Never get stuck on the side of the trail again! Self-contained tire repair kit includes: - 5 tubeless repair plugs - 2 Presta core valves - Integrated valve core removal tool - Small, strong plugger tool - Alloy weatherproof storage capsule
Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
Want a super-easy way to fix a flat? If you have tubeless tires on your mountain bike, all you need is Genuine Innovations' Tubeless Tire Repair Kit. No interior repair is needed, so you don't have to remove the tire. Just plug the hole with the self-vulcanizing plugs, inflate and ride away. The kit includes an insertion tool and five rope plugs.
Specialized Floor Pump Rebuild Kit
Rebuild kit for the MTB floor pump. - Compatible with Air Tool MTB floor pump. - Includes O-ring, lube, and grommet.
Specialized UHP Head O-Ring
$0.95 $1.00 5% Off
Replacement UHP head O-ring seal
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