2nd Annual Bentonville Tweed Ride

We had a great time hosting this event last year and were blown away with the effort you guys put in to this so we are looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making some more this year.

Tweed Ride-5298.jpg

We will meet at Pedaler's Pub and take a casual stroll down Main Street giving away cordial waves to our motorist friends.

A group photo is obviously called for and then we will make our way down J to Airship Coffee for a nice pick me up or frosty barley pop.

Tweed Ride-5533.jpg

After a round, we'll head back to the Pub for dinner and award some prizes for the best dressed folks! The Pub will be bringing a live band to preform for us as well so work on your Charleston in the time being. Not only are we happy to don our dandiest duds, this is out take on bicycle advocacy to remind folks that we can all share the roads and we all have families so let's all be kind.

Photo Credit: Novo-Studio