2019 Tweed Ride

As you can see in these lovely images, we had a ball at this years Bentonville Tweed Ride™ with some fantastic friends.

Tweed Ride-3291.jpg

I love seeing how committed these fine folks get. From custom ordered tweed garb to handmade apparel, bike bags and trinkets. You all have ten months or so to prepare for the next Tweed Ride so don't just enjoy the pictures, come on out and share some memories and libations. And heck, at the very least you'll be able to walk away with a few fabulous photos. 

We are extremely lucky to live where we do as cyclist but sometimes we like to show that cycling isn't limited to mountain bike trails, gravel and road cycling. Share the road and share some smiles with motorist while we reduce our carbon footprint at any of our upcoming events. See you guys next time.