Trout Campout

Earlier this year we hosted a Swift Campout Summer Solstice Bike-Overnight event. We had a great time and look forward to the next one.

Awkward and authentic picture from our last campout

Awkward and authentic picture from our last campout

In the meantime, we have had a few people ask for a multi day trip so why not have a beautiful fall trip with some fishes, fires, and friends! We are just want to throw the dates at you and let you know the general itinerary so you can plan accordingly.


Day 1 we plan to roll out from our Fayetteville location at 10a.m. and ride to our Rogers location. We hope to roll toward the White river sometime close to 1p.m. The route will be road and gravel. For Friday night We will reserve a bunk house at Ozark Cabins and RV that Sleeps 8.

Because we have to have a 2 day rental anyone who wants to come Saturday instead is welcome to use our spot and or we can use this as a back up stay for day 2 if the weather looks bad. We plan to have a fire and enjoy a quiet fall evening before the next day’s ride.

If you plan on fishing be aware that AR and MO have different licenses and you are responsible for getting these if you do not already have them. Be aware that you need a trout stamp too. The fines are pretty hefty if you are caught fishing without a license by a game warden.

AR License Here

MO License Here

The first Awkward Trout B ever caught.

The first Awkward Trout B ever caught.


The trout are normally active in the morning and depending on the generation schedule we might have time for a little dawn fishing!

We have a casual ride to Roaring River with some fishing holes along the way. There is a potential beer stop along the way so be ready for that. Only a few spots are open at the State Park but we may just camp along the river if that's what people prefer. This night is going to be camping not a cabin so be sure to prepare for that.

Most of the roads we travel will be gravel so look forward to some good views

Most of the roads we travel will be gravel so look forward to some good views


We can fish a bit in the morning if anyone wants. Roaring River SP is only open in one zone on the day we are there so most fishing would likely be below the state park in the national forest. To get home we can either ride as a group back to Highroller or each can do their own thing in groups. If all goes well though we will head back with full bellies and fond memories!


The roads are mostly gravel with some steepish sections so plan your bike and gear accordingly. If you need anything done to your bike or anything ordered in terms of gear please call the shop so we can get you all squared away before the event. Its only a month away!

Comment with questions and suggestions.

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